Tuesday 23 August 2011


The year 2008  was an out of the ordinary year, where the Lord spoke to me in dreams and visions, even to the extreme of out of body experiences. I consecrated myself in prayer and fasting as never before, seeking God’s face concerning His people. It was a unique year marked by incredible supernatural encounters in my life. 

I felt as if I had a burden on me, which in turn created compassion for the sick . Every time I was on my knees praying, I found myself crying unto God, asking Him to heal the sick. I remember even telling Him these words:  “Lord if you can take everything away from me, but one thing I am asking, do not take your favour away from me. Let me see sick people healed, the lame walk, the blind see, deaf hear, dumb speak”

On the 2nd of April 2008, around 10 am, as soon as I finished praying, I laid on my bed to rest. Suddenly I felt like somebody’s hand touched my chest. It was a massive hand that I can hardly describe, and all I can remember, is that it touched me. After touching me, my spirit came out of my body.

In the spirit realm, I saw myself standing between the room ceiling and the bed. I could see clearly my body on the bed. Moreover, I realized that the same way my body was on the bed, my spirit was in the same position in the air likewise.

 I found myself standing before the Lord Jesus Christ and the glory of God filled my whole room. While my spirit was still in the air, the Lord stretched forth His right hand and touched my spirit, and suddenly I felt and saw the power of God going through my body like lightning or like the sun shining at midday. Once He removed his hand from my spirit, I heard Him saying to me: “Now, my servant shall heal the sick”.

Then He put my spirit back into my body. While He had done so, I found out that I was still on the bed. I then, jumped off of my bed. I could feel the heat, electricity power or like something was tingling in my body. I could not hold myself all day. Then, I understood the Lord gave me the gift of healing and healing mantle. 

 Since that day, my healing ministry began to change. Miracles, signs and wonders happen every time I preach in unprecedented way and regardless of the environment, time or circumstances. The Lord confirms His word with miracles following.

I can remember that during the same year, I received an invitation from colleagues to minister in their Church in London United Kingdom.
I remember I was supposed to preach in a seminar for month.Then I decided to ask them if it was possible for us to have a healing and miracle Service on the last day of seminar. They responded positively.

Then the healing service took place on Sunday October 26th 2008 at 4 pm. As I was ministering, I found out that a lot of people were sick  there, then I began to declare by faith: “Today every sick person in this place will be healed in Jesus` Name!”. Suddenly  i saw a young man who used to suffer from generic mental disorder coming towards me .

While I was standing there, I realized that the power of God that was in me was capable to heal him. I acted by faith and prayed over him with authority. Then he was healed. Moreover, I called every person sick people , from the Lame to the blind to come to where I was standing, then the power of God came down tangibly to heal everyone in the church.
The number of creative miracles recorded during that meeting was unprecedented.” Everyone who attended the service was healed as well as the Lost saved. Praise God! 

You can live the same experience of power today, if you are willing to run with the vision of God and follow the principles elaborated in this book. God is still working the same way He used to work before. He wants to minister directly to you. Do not be afraid of the fire. He wants to reveal the mysteries of his heart to you.

Remember that He does not reveal the mysteries of His heart to everybody but to them that He finds trustworthy.

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